Exquisite Form Bra with Lace Review: Support and Elegance

Linda Andreson/ May 15, 2023/ Product Reviews

exquisite form bras
back support bras with front closure
exquisite bras
Are you exhausted from constantly dealing with the discomfort and self-consciousness of poor posture? Have you tried various methods to improve your posture but haven’t found the ideal solution yet? In today’s fast-paced world, it is all too common for us to find ourselves slouching, whether we’re working at our desks or simply going about our daily routines. Poor posture not only impacts our appearance but can also contribute to numerous health issues, including back pain, neck tension, and even headaches. The Exquisite bras present a stylish and comfortable solution, designed to offer both support and a touch of femininity. In this review, we will delve into how this elegant and practical bra can make a significant difference in your everyday life.

Practical Benefits of Exquisite Bras

It is not often that we get to see a bra that is as functional as it is sexy, but one can say with certainty that back support bras with front closure by Exquisite Form fit that bill to a T. Designed to help your figure fall beautifully into place, this elegant bra boasts a range of features that make it the ultimate choice for women seeking both exceptional support and a touch of femininity.
exquisite form bra

Exquisite Form Bra

The breathable knit lace upper cup adds an exquisite touch, while the supportive bottom cup provides shaping and support to create a gentle lift for a youthful silhouette. The crisscross powernet design at the back not only helps improve posture but also supports and straightens the back, making it perfect for those who need extra support. With a picot edge elastic under band for added comfort and support, you can wear this bra all day without any discomfort. The wide non-adjustable padded straps assure all-day comfort and support, while the convenient and comfortable brushed-back front closure makes it easy to put on and take off. Choose from six levels of front closure to find the perfect fit, and enjoy the double support under cups for maximum comfort.
💛 Stretch fabric
💛 6-level front closure
💛 Lace design

Effortless Confidence and Improved Posture

The secret behind this posture bra lies in its reinforced crisscross powernet stretch fabric, which straightens your shoulders and supports your back, resulting in a noticeable improvement in posture.

Unmatched Comfort and Support

Ideal for women with large busts, this bra unmatched comfort. The wide stretch sides and wide camisole straps make it incredibly comfortable to wear during long workdays. The wireless 2-part seamed cups offer excellent shaping and support, ensuring that I look and feel my best all day long.

A Touch of Femininity and Style

The pretty lace design adds a touch of elegance to this highly functional bra, making it the perfect choice for those who want both style and support. Featuring wireless 2-part seamed cups for shaping and support, this bra ensures your figure looks its best.

Customizable Fit and Easy Closure

The six-level front closure allows me to find the perfect fit. The brushed-back front closure is both convenient and comfortable, making it incredibly easy to put on and take off. The wide non-adjustable padded straps add to the overall comfort, ensuring that I never have to worry about readjusting my bra during the day.

Versatile and Suitable for All Occasions

Another aspect of the bra that I appreciate is its versatility. It is available in a range of sizes and colors, making it suitable for various occasions. Choose your perfect fit in size and color thanks to this style’s diversified palette of tones: white, beige rose, walnut, times square navy, and black allow you to alternate between colors and combine your shapewear with your favorite outfits. I can wear it under my work attire, in casual outfits, or even for special events.

Navigating the Drawbacks of the Bra

Due to its design and structure, it might be slightly harder to hide under certain clothing, such as tight-fitting or sheer tops. Additionally, the front strap is not adjustable, which might pose a challenge for some women to find their perfect fit and level of support, especially if they are in-between sizes or have unique body shapes. Despite these drawbacks, the overall benefits of improved posture, comfort, and style still make it a highly desirable choice for many women. posture bras

How Long Does it Take to See Results from a Posture Corrector?

When considering the use of a posture corrector, such as the Exquisite Form bra, it’s important to understand the timeframe for seeing visible results. The process of correcting one’s posture is gradual, and the time it takes to see noticeable improvements can vary depending on several factors, including the individual’s starting posture, the severity of the issue, the frequency and duration of corrector use, and the incorporation of complementary exercises and stretches. It’s essential to remember that everyone’s body is different, and the timeframe for visible results may not be the same for everyone. In general, users may begin to notice subtle improvements in their posture within a few weeks of consistent use. However, more significant and lasting changes usually take several months of dedicated wear and practice. For the best results, it’s crucial to wear the posture corrector consistently and as recommended, while also incorporating exercises and being mindful of maintaining proper alignment throughout the day.

Brand Philosophy

Since its inception in 1945, Exquisite Form has been dedicated to understanding and addressing the diverse needs of women worldwide. Founded in New York by Lilian Hunau, who also served as the Head of Design, the brand quickly became a pioneer in the lingerie industry. Innovation has always been at the core of the brand philosophy. Perhaps the most defining moment in their history came in 1970 with the introduction of the “Fully” line. This collection, accompanied by the iconic tagline “When You Need A Fuller Bra… Not A Bigger Bra,” demonstrated the brand’s deep understanding of full-figured women’s needs, providing them with comfort and tailored solutions. This commitment to catering to women of all sizes and shapes has remained a key component of Exquisite Form’s brand philosophy, as they continue to offer innovative and comfortable lingerie solutions to this day. Its ware can be ordered online in the company’s web store, Amazon, or other retailers, or bought from multi-brand retailers in local stores of your city. plus size posture bras


In conclusion, the Exquisite Form Posture Bras with Lace stands out as an exceptional solution for women seeking to improve their posture while enjoying a comfortable and stylish bra. Its innovative design features, such as the reinforced crisscross powernet stretch fabric, wireless 2-part seamed cups, and elegant lace, set it apart from other posture correctors in the market. We hope that our insights have helped you determine if this correcting bra is the right solution for you. By following the manufacturer’s recommendations and incorporating strengthening exercises and stretches into your daily routine, you can experience the transformative effects of the bra firsthand.
Rated 4 out of 5

Love the support it gives to my back. But the cup size fits too big.

Avatar for Grace
Rated 5 out of 5

As someone who has scoliosis & struggled to find a comfortable & practical bra, I’m happy to report that this one definitely meets expectations!

I bought mine in rose, size 42DD and it truly provides excellent support throughout the day while helping with my posture. Super comfortable, very practical for everyday wear, and has a unique design that makes me feel more feminine.

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